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Gold Care Boiler Protection

Referral Scheme.

If you’re referring someone

We’re really pleased to introduce our new Referral Scheme, which rewards you with £20 Love2Shop vouchers for recommending us to someone you know, and they then purchase a boiler care product from us. All you need to do is ensure whoever it is you’re referring has your surname, the first line of your address and your postcode to add into their application, so we can match it back to you. Don’t forget, every new customer means a donation to the Ayrshire Hospice too.

Download a set of referral vouchers to make it easy to share information with your friends, family and colleagues (print double sided to save paper!).

If you’ve been referred

Thanks for visiting us! To learn more about what’s covered in our products, please take a look over the table below which includes a link to a more detailed page on key elements in your heating system too. Please ensure you come back to this page to start your sign-up journey though as you’ll need to enter your referrers details so we can provide their vouchers to them – and you never know, as well as signing up for great value cover, maybe they’ll share the vouchers with you too!

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Scheme rules:

  1. The referrer must be a current O’Neil Care customer
  2. The referred customer must be a new to O’Neil Care customer, and remain on cover for a minimum of 30 days (cancellation charge may be incurred thereafter)
  3. The reward only applies when signing up to one of our boiler/heating cover O’Neil Care products
  4. We will validate the referred customer is still on cover, and distribute the voucher to the referrer between 30 and 60 days after the referred customer’s commencement date
  5. We will not provide the reward if the referrer is declined from cover
  6. Our recorded date of postage will be used as evidence for the voucher being sent and we will not distribute replacements.