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How long does it take to sign-up?

It takes roughly 3-4 minutes to sign-up online. You’ll need your bank account details and preferably your boiler make, model, age and last date of service (although we’ll call you back if not all of these are completed & help you).

How long is the contract?

Our contracts are 12 months in duration from your Commencement date. Your contract will auto-renew so you don’t lose cover, we will write to you and confirm if there have been any significant changes to your terms of cover or pricing.

What is your usual breakdown response time?

If you report an emergency to us (like a significant and uncontrollable water leak), we will aim to have an engineer with you within two hours, 24/7/365. If it’s not an emergency, then we will attend during usual working hours between Monday and Friday and we’ll aim to get an engineer to you the same day if you contact us in the morning, or within 24 hours if you contact us later in the day. In all cases, we’ll agree and confirm that time with you in advance. Over 90% of our call out are the same day. If you smell gas please call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 urgently before calling us, this is a free service.

How do I get my free boiler service?

We send all our O’Neil Care members a postcard every year directly to your house to remind you that your service is due. This is automatic system our computer systems manage for us and has work very effectively over the last decade. From feedback from our membership, they prefer the freedom to choice a date & time that suits them the best, rather than having a random engineer turn up at their door to have this free added benefit carried out. You don’t need to take up this this free added benefit as part of your membership fee, the money you pay is all to protect you for any large repair bills, unlimited call outs day or night and covers you for all parts and labour, however we encourage all our members to take up this free benefit that comes with the membership cover, but we can’t force anyone. We have made it at easy as possible to book your free service, you can email us at info@oneilgas.co.uk, phone us on 01292 619799 or even drop us a DM on Facebook, quoting your address & we will do the rest.

What do I get and what’s covered?

When you sign-up to O’Neil Care, you’ll have the reassurance of being able to contact us 24/7, and have a Gas Safe Registered engineer attend your property at any time of the day or night if you have an emergency. All our products cover your boiler and central heating system, so parts & labour are included also a free annual service of your gas boiler. With our Gold Care Plus level also including repairs and servicing of a single gas fire (contact us is you have more than one). For more information on what’s included with O’Neil Care, take a look at our specific page here.

Who will carry out the work?

We’re proud that we employ our own local Gas Safe Registered Engineers and Select accredited Electrician’s. This provides us with greater ownership and quality control over their work, unlike some providers who outsource all their work to subcontractors. Also allows us to respond quicker to breakdowns.

What does an excess mean, and when is it payable?

An excess is an additional fixed price payment due each time you ask us to attend a new breakdown when you are on Silver Care which covers parts and labour required to resolve the issue. We will inform you of this prior to any call out request being actioned, and the excess will be taken from you shortly after we have attended the visit if you pay by direct debit, from the bank account you use to pay monthly. If you pay annually, the payment must be taken in advance. It doesn’t apply to your boiler service visit.

When am I covered from, and what if I’m already covered elsewhere?

Your start date (or ‘Commencement date’ in the terms and conditions) is usually 1-2 days working days after you have submitted your application – we’ll write to you to confirm everything. There’s an initial 21 day period from the commencement date where you can’t claim (which helps us to keep our prices so low), so if you have cover with another provider and don’t want to be without the protection, cancel your cover with them on a date which coincides with your O’NeilCare being available for call outs. You will need to contact them yourself though, unlike a mobile phone contract for example. Remember to read your current provider’s terms and conditions to avoid any cancellation fees – you can also click here to get a template cancellation letter to use with them too.

What’s not covered?

As with all providers, there are some key exclusions to be aware of, but even though we may be cheaper than some competitors, our cover is as thorough as other providers. The key elements which are not covered from a boiler and central heating system perspective (which also aren’t by any other provider) are faults which have arisen due to sludge being present in your system, repairs where parts are obsolete and cannot be obtained through our supply chain or parts costs are deemed uneconomic by us, upgrades or improvements of your boiler or central heating system to bring them up to current standard and any repairs resulting from neglect or misuse. This is a repair contract and therefore does not include the replacement of the boiler or cylinders etc but where works are not covered by the policy, we will provide costs for to ensure you are not left without any options.

What boilers do you cover?

We cover the vast majority of Combination, Condensing and Conventional gas, oil and LPG boilers, although boilers we do take on are subject to a maximum age of 15 years, and we request the last service date during the sales process also – if known – to help schedule your free boiler service. We check each application and if there are any issues, we will contact you immediately to let you know.